In his commitment to advancing the art and science of restorative dentistry, Dr. Sreter launched and leads two Spear study clubs. Meeting in his comfortable, up to date office eight times a year, each intimate group of eleven dentists collaborates on real-life cases in a hands-on atmosphere supported by curriculum and online learning modules developed by the Spear Institute of Scottsdale, Arizona. The Spear Institute is one of the most influential and respected educational institutions in restorative and esthetic dentistry and has transformed how dentists approach dentistry.

Dr. Sreter guides the discussion videos and clinical resources and learning modules in order to enable the dentist participants to provide better patient care, solidify their clinical skills and achieve clinical excellence. This naturally results in the growth of their practice and enables the dentists to enjoy dentistry more as they succeed more.

Jerusalem Dental Forum

The Jerusalem Dental Forum is an association of English speaking dentists, mostly from the Jerusalem area. The group was formed mostly to keep abreast of current advances in the dental profession. AS such, lecturers who could address common issues, challenges and problems confronting the dentist practicing in Israel address the group. The dental meetings are also an excellent opportunity for the various general practitioners and the specialists to exchange information, questions and to network.

From 2010 until 2018 Dr. Sreter was the head of the English speaking dentists association. He incorporated the Jerusalem Dental Forum into a not-for –profit entity so that it would have endurance. He arranged for a range of speakers to address the dentist participants on a large variety of matters which they confront in their daily professional lives both on the technical level, as well as on ancillary issues such as malpractice insurance, office management and staffing issues. The forum was also a convenient and valuable platform for the member dentists to reach out on our site for advice or to network on various matters. As such, it was an invaluable source of relevant, timely information. Dr. Sreter also lobbied the Israel Dental Association for recognition of participation in the JDF lectures as continuing education points.

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