As a Board Certified Prosthodontist, Dr. Sreter is able to offer patients solutions for many different types of dental problems. For those patients who have lost all of their teeth, tooth replacement utilizing complete dentures can be made in order to restore esthetics and function. Properly constructed dentures can imitate nature, restore the patient's smile and give support to facial muscles.

In most cases, some of the teeth may be treatable and can be retained. Those teeth may then serve as anchors for  removable tooth replacements known as partial dentures. The partial dentures can be fabricated to replace only the missing teeth while supplementing the patient's own natural teeth.

Both complete dentures and partial dentures are removable appliances that can be removed by the patient for cleaning and oral hygiene.

Most patients, however, prefer to have fixed teeth which are not removable. This is possible when enough of the patient's own natural teeth remain or are supplemented by dental implants (see implant section). In these cases, crowns or a series of crowns called fixed bridges are cemented on top of  the patient's own natural teeth.

The advantage of fixed, non-removable teeth is that they duplicate more exactly the patient's original teeth and have greater chewing efficiency compared to removable teeth. They are also more convenient in that they do not need to be removed by the patient.

Whatever the dental situation, our most important goal is that upon completion of their dental treatment our patients  are comfortable, chew well and have an esthetically pleasing result.


Robert Sreter

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