The first concern for all patients is prevention of active dental disease. Most dental disease can be controlled through a program of home health care and regularly scheduled cleanings with the dental hygienist. Plaque control programs coupled with excellent restorative dentistry will enable you to keep your teeth throughout your lifetime.  

Our dental hygienists and staff members will teach you how to floss and brush your teeth effectively. We will also show you how to take care of bridgework or prosthetic appliances in your mouth. 

Our hygienists regularly place fluoride and fissure sealants on our patients' teeth which is highly effective in preventing tooth decay. Fissure sealants are a thin coating of hard plastic which prevents tooth decay on the biting surfaces of teeth. Fluoride treatments will harden the enamel and reduce the incidence of tooth decay even among adults.

Preventive dentistry can help you avoid additional dental work and help you keep your mouth in excellent condition.   


Robert Sreter

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