Dr. Sreter, the well known Jerusalem dentist, uses many different types of microscopes to optimize your dental care. Dr. Sreter wears special magnifying lenses while he works on your teeth. This enables him to see your teeth very clearly and insures that the resulting work will fit more perfectly. Our office is also equipped with a large ceiling microscope for specialized work. The microscopes also aid in diagnosis. For example, very slight cracks which cause pain can be visualized only through a microscope. They may be invisible or not apparent in a regular dental examination without magnification. Magnification also aids in cleaning tooth decay. Sometimes the dentist has difficulty in adequately cleaning out microscopic particles of tooth decay. By using magnification, Dr. Sreter can more thoroughly cleanse your tooth during treatment.

Our dental laboratory processes all of your dentistry  under high power magnification. This enables the certified dental technician to achieve a high level of quality dentistry. The resulting prosthodontic work (crowns, bridges, implant or dentures) will be better adapted to your tooth, and smoother and more comfortable in your mouth. Many potential imperfections that might have been missed are routinely seen and corrected when high power magnification is utilized.


Robert Sreter

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