X-rays are taken only when absolutely necessary. They enable us to identify and treat problems before they become serious. In addition to detecting cavities, x-rays can uncover cysts, abcesses, tumors, gum (peridontal) disease and impacted teeth.

High speed digital sensors and special computerized software have made dental  x-rays safe. You can be assured that your health is of foremost concern, and unnecessary radiation has been eliminated.  Conventional film x-rays utilize a one second exposure while our technique has reduced the exposure to one tenth of a second per picture. This is considered to be a technological breakthrough in the history of medicine. We are using the Schick Radiography System, one of the most technologically advanced. You can read about it here. You will also be provided with a lead apron during the picture making. This will reduce any unnecessary exposure to the rest of your body.


Robert Sreter

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