We recognize that certain patients are extremely fearful of any kind of dental care. Our practice offer a number of options in order to make our patient's dental treatment more pleasant. Nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, is an extremely safe and comfortable option. It is inhaled by the patient during the treatment and has a very relaxing and soothing effect. Many patients have commented that they had no awareness of the passage of time and that they were completely relaxed by the nitrous oxide. At the end of treatment, the effect of the nitrous oxide disappears immediately. This treatment has been used in dentistry very successfully for many decades.

There are other patients who demand a higher level of anesthesia and require that they be completely unaware of their  treatment. We have therefore made available the services of a board certified anesthesiologist who can actually put the patient to sleep while all of the dental care is being performed. The patient is totally unaware that any treatment is being done and wakes up after the completion of all dental work. This is an extremely viable and safe option for those patients who are very fearful.

Joint Pain and Bite Disorders (TMJ / TMD)

Many patients suffer from chronic headaches and jaw joint pain known as TMJ or TMD. There may also be muscle soreness present which can make chewing very difficult. Patients often grind or gnash their teeth which compounds the problem. This can wear down the teeth and prematurely shorten their longevity. Dr. Sreter uses a multidisciplinary approach to help patients manage this problem. The healing program consists of  wearing a custom made bite appliance,  special jaw exercises, physiotherapy and diet counseling. This  combination allows the joint to relax and regain its former healthy functioning.


Robert Sreter

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