Dear Robert,

I am writing to express my sincere gratitude to you for taking care of me. I was not exaggerating when I described my dental phobia to you. I must acknowledge, though, that the procedure was done efficiently and painlessly.

May I also take a moment to congratulate you on the outstanding professional office that you have established. Of course, once you acquired my mother-in-law’s approval the highest standards would be manifest.

Finally, may I also thank you for extending the professional courtesy to me. However, since my formal training is in oncology, it is my hope that I will never be able to return the favor to you.

Dear Robert,

I can’t begin to thank you for what you’ve done for me! I never experienced such pain before, which I had to even bother you at home about! I know you came in special for me on your day off and it’s very much appreciated. Thank G-d I’m feeling much better.

Dear Dr. Sreter,

Thank you so much for your very professional prompt and courteous attention when I lost my crown in Jerusalem last week. Even before meeting you, I felt most comfortable with your very professional and friendly staff as I entered your office. However, I was most impressed by your gracious attention to me in re-cementing my crown. Upon returning to Michigan, my dentist commented similarly and reattached the crown with more permanent cement.

I shall look forward to seeing you sometime again on another visit . I wish you and your family the best of health, happiness, success and most of all peace in this coming year and always.

I am extremely satisfied with Dr. Sreter’s treatment, particularly with that he explains what he is about to do and why. He also listens and is aware of how I feel. I have recommended him to family and friends and will continue to do so. The overall service is very professional from Dr. Sreter and the staff.

I was very pleased with both the treatment and service of Dr. Sreter and Ilana. I’ll be glad to recommend the clinic to anybody who asks about it.

Dear Dr. Sreter,

thank you for giving me more reason to smile. Wishing you continued success.

I am very pleased with the treatment. The service was excellent!

I think you guys are really terrific! Not only did I experience quality work and care, but you are all especially friendly and accommodating. That is probably one of the most important factors in dealing with patients in a medical practice. No complaints! Thanks a lot!!

Dear Dr. Sreter,

I would like to thank you for the patience and excellent care you gave me this morning. I know how difficult it is to have your day organized and then to have to squeeze in an unscheduled appointment.

I have found that the care, and making your patients feel comfortable is always of the utmost importance to you. Providing your patients with the comfort of watching cable TV, giving written instructions, having follow up phone calls etc. are some examples.

Excellent! I am very happy with the very professional treatment I have received from you. I shall commend you to all my friends and colleagues.

I was impressed with the quality of your work and the personal attention that you gave me as your patient. Thank you for fitting me in when you were under such pressure to get the work done in such a short space of time. The teeth have settled down very well and it's great to have the chewing power back. Please thank the receptionist and assistants for their welcome and thoughtful concern throughout.

To Dr. Sreter and the Entire Staff,

My heartfelt thanks and appreciation to all of you for being so kind, helpful and caring. Your concern was very much valued. I cannot thank you enough for your caring and patience. I know I was not an easy case and you always tried to allay my fears and to encourage me.

Thank you so much for your efforts , your caring and your perserverance.

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